Natsuiro Kiseki Episode 8

Big trip to Saki's potential future home (I actually recognized a bunch of the places when they stopped in Tokyo from when I was there lol). That bit at the end when Natsumi tells Saki she'll talk with her dad about the move was interesting. Saki showed throughout the episode that she's really indecisive, possibly because she doesn't want to inconvenience those around her. I wonder if she'll be able to take a stand with her father when she gets back after what Natsumi said.

Also, it looks like we got a brief glimpse at a potential new character on the know, after the whole "being a jerk" thing passes. Final rock for a while. I don't particularly have a problem with it...glad the rock has become more background now that the girls have the ability to "rely" on it. Would be boring if they just kept using it for their purposes.

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