Hyouka Episode 6

This week's episode was a bit...confusing(?) to me. I'm not sure if it's because of the cool down from the big mystery or if it was just because of the way the episode was. The first part, with the philosophical analysis of sin and balance in humans...not bad, but meh...nothing new to me.

In the second part, where Eru talks about the incident in her class, I was having trouble. First off, how is Eru's memory so flimsy that she forgot why she got mad? To add to that, do they ever figure out the answer to that, her original question? Houtarou comes up with a theory, but he can't confirm it and keeps it to himself.

Also, with the actual mystery itself, I have trouble accepting their explanation. While it's true that the lowercase forms of A and D look similar, why is it that a math teacher is more likely to write them in lowercase? I consider myself a math person, but I would always favor capitalizing both, especially with a class designation.

Still...I dunno...I don't find this episode particularly bad. It keeps up with the style and the stuff about Houtarou was particularly interesting. For example, they bring up this idea that Houtarou is emotionless, but never expand on it. Maybe it's something to keep in mind as the show goes along. Anyways, next week is some sort of hot springs episode?

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