Hyouka Episode 5

The mystery is solved! So, it looks like Hyouka is only a beginning, not the main mystery of the show. That definitely makes me sigh a huge sigh of relief. I would have hated to watch them drag this mystery on longer. I'm also a huge fan of how they finished everything.

Houtarou wasn't wrong, he was just missing one piece of evidence: the one question he asked the librarian. It's amazing how much the story changes when Seikitani Jun is changed from a voluntary martyr to a forced martyr. I had also been worried about the crying bit with Eru...thought that the true story may have been much darker than it actually was. Glad the shame didn't come from her uncle killing someone or something.

But the mystery is only part of the story this week. I really liked the stuff that Houtarou was saying about motivation. It's easy to look at Houtarou as just a depressing guy who needs to smile more, but he's the kind of person who is just unable to find something that he can truly feel passionate about.  It was cool to see him start to discover it through the solving of Hyouka.

Five episodes to set the stage. Another mystery for next week. More short ones for spacing or will they jump straight into another arc? Maybe mysteries to explore the other characters too?

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