Sakamichi no Apollon Episode 6

Oh no...things are getting serious. Though it didn't actually come from the love polygon (mostly). Instead, the problems arrive in the form of Matsuoka Seiji, a friend of Yurika's in the Art Club. Seiji is interested in starting a more boy band type of group and tries to recruit Sentarou as a drummer, which he eventually agrees to do.

While it might seem like an overreaction and a bit much of teen angst, I have to side with Kaoru when he runs off. He's not used to people and he's been in a situation like this, so it's only natural for him to freak out. Plus, he was putting so much effort into helping Sentarou be with Ritsuko and protecting him from Yurika, and Matsuoka seemed to work against that.

All of those Sound of Music references were giving me chills...I've seen that movie like 10 times from band class in middle school...the horrors. Still, it worked out as a way for Ritsuko to get Kaoru to understand how she feels for Sentarou. I'm not completely sure what happens at the end of the episode. Was it Jun that the shopkeeper saw at the bar? Was he depressed about whoever he was staying with when Kaoru and Sentarou went to see him? If so, it could set the stage for his romance with Yurika. We'll have to wait and see.

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