Jormungand Episode 6

Hmm...this show seems to be moving somewhere. This week introduces another character Doctor Miami, who seems to act almost like Koko does. The team basically moves to protect her from the men of Chang, led by Karen, who seems to have some sort of relation to Valmet. She's either a sibling or someone who trained under the guy who took Valmet's eye. Cue the grudge match. I wonder if Valmet will be able to handle her.

In the conference room, Karen calls Chang "Xiao Chang" (at least that's what I think). In Chinese, that's not what you call someone who orders you's almost demeaning. Quite a dangerous one we got here. Especially if she's feeling confident enough to shoot her own comrade.

Interestingly enough, Jonah takes charge of the situation in this week's engagement. Is he specialized for this kind of fight or has he just improved that much in the time so far? I mean, the knife training with Valmet was certainly cool, but no one seemed to be bothered by the fact that he just let loose. I guess we'll see next week when the battle continues. It looks like we'll also see the more serious side of Doctor Miami. Maybe some cool gadgets from the robot specialist.

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