Space Brothers Episode 7

Well well...this certainly wasn't what I was expecting. Throughout the entire episode, I was wondering how that fire extinguisher thief was going to factor into the equation. But now he looks to be Mutta's key to continuing in the exam. Despite Hoshika's best efforts, Mutta's chances look grim, but if he becomes a hero in a hostage situation, then he's got a shot. Mutta also showcases another talent this week. Whether it's his Rolling Mutta state or his display in the restaurant, Mutta clearly has outstanding observation (not memory...I've seen plenty of people with good memory that have no idea what's going on around them). What a cool guy.

But that aside, next week Mutta has to get himself out of this tense situation. From the preview, it looks like Apo might be helping him this the moment where he decides to take care of Apo for himself? The moment that cements their companionship?

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