Tasogare Otome x Amnesia Episode 5

This week's episode is an interesting Kirie-focused episode. On the minor side, we see that Kirie really doesn't scream like a normal person when scared, instead breaking down into tears...a cuter alternative. More though, the episode was about her accepting herself and getting over that jealousy she has of Yuuko (at least, I think). She also comes out of that solitary attitude and becomes friends with Momoe (even touching Yuuko for the first time). Her experience in the "haunted house" was particularly interesting.

I suspected originally that the Yuuko Kirie saw was not the real one, but I had thought it to be a manifestation of the evil spirit from last week...instead, it was a return of the psychological, a manifestation of her fears and insecurities. The real Yuuko, although she was in the same room, didn't have to say anything to Kirie because her mind in the fear state exaggerated parts of the room to create the conversation that we see in the episode. Next week...well, the preview sounded pretty dark, but I have no clue what's gonna happen. They kinda forgot about the evil spirit thing...wonder when that's coming into play.

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