Hyouka Episode 3

This week's episode starts the main story of the show. As expected, Eru approaches Houtarou with a mystery from her uncle. For some reason, she can't remember the secret that he told her about the Classics Club (he was in it too years ago...as I predicted last week). This is pretty interesting...is her memory loss supernatural or did she just forget? I can't really see either as a likely scenario.

She remembers the incident distinctly as the one time when her uncle was reluctant to answer her questions, but she can't remember what it was? Even though it made her cry? But the show doesn't seem like the type to favor the supernatural....I'm stumped. What do you guys think? Naturally, the issue that they need to solve everything is missing...

Ignoring the main mystery of the show, the mystery that Houtarou solves this week is slightly leveled up from the others...although it's still fairly small, he actually had to deal with slightly ill intentions. I've come to a conclusion about why I think Houtarou is awesome. It's not just his attitude, it's what it allows him to do. A normal person would get flustered and distracted in those situations, but he just sits back, conserves his energy, and uses it where it counts for observation and deduction.

It's probably true that he's a bit brighter than the others, but his style certainly helps with that. I just really like how he solved stuff this week >.> It was cool to watch.  As usual, not much info from the previews...looks like further investigation of the anthology issues. Maybe a date for Houtarou and Eru (my train of logic: the checking the watch thing -> appointment -> the two search together).

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