Space Brother Episode 6

Mutta's in a tough situation this week. On the verge of being dropped from the astronaut exams because of that headbutt incident. Fortunately, he has an ally in Hoshika. I really like how they approached Hoshika. He's not desperate to save Mutta from failing or anything...he truly had a hunch for why Mutta would headbutt someone based on his experience with him when Mutta was a child. It's not like "well, I like this guy...there has to be something I can do."

It's really looking like Mutta can go all the was shaky for a bit, but it looks like the show won't have him fail out of this exam and come back again like I originally suspected it might. Next week looks to be the big decision for Mutta...let's see if he has strong enough luck. Also, is anyone else curious about that thing with Mutta and the stopwatch? I feel like it's supposed to mean something, but I can't place it.

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