Natsuiro Kiseki Episode 5

Well episode where the rock doesn't activate. Color me surprised. Strangely enough, the episode was more interesting...We get a look at how Yuka was able to bring everyone together with her cheerfulness when the group was younger. I was wondering what was the deal with the whale when the episode started, but it tied everything together. It was pretty cool. Also, when the girls almost make the wish on the rock, I liked that they had a decent reason this time...wanting to take advantage of every single moment. Yuka showing up to stop them was a nice touch too.

I still wonder how this show will end. Will Saki still be forced to leave? Will the rock deactivate? Maybe in a blaze of glory? Clearly, I have no idea what's going on. Either way, next week's episode looks to be the practice match for Saki and Natsumi that was mentioned this week against the team that beat their seniors. Some fun tennis action? Could be interesting...

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