Sankarea Episode 5

Zombie attack engage! The rigor mortis has worn off (faster than I expected, but science be damned in anime) and Rea is on the offensive. Now Chihiro has a fiasco on his hands. Speaking of which, this guy is terrible at keeping secrets...basically spills everything (about Babu, at least) to his crazy grandfather in front of the rest of the family. And Wanko's dragged into the deal with Rea while Mero is suspicious. I will say this, though...I did not expect his grandfather to be the creator of the resurrection formula (he's crazy, but he's probably telling the truth).

Lots of info from the preview this week, though...Kinda looks like the grandfather is the correct human color, so maybe he'll be lucid enough to tell Chihiro his secrets? Also, the scene of a mindless Rea eating hydrangea leaves and then her eyes return to normal...yeah, the hydrangea leaves weren't a tough call because basically all of the fanart for this show on the web shows Rea eating a leaf. Plus, they needed something non-human to feed her, right? Anyways, should be fun to watch.

Just a final thing to ponder (god knows I'm going to be pondering it). How will this show end? Will Chihiro decide to finally let Rea rest in peace? Or will he continue to desperately keep her around and they'll just continue a semi-normal life? Or maybe he'll finally figure out a real way to bring her back in non-zombie form? I really can't tell which way it will go.

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