Medaka Box Episode 4

So I had a bit of a hard time watching this week's episode. First off, it finishes off the bit with Akune and he joins up, then it sorta introduces him with a mini-request. I still don't get the half episode thing...don't see why Akune's judo bit couldn't be one episode itself. Anyway, was this episode more about Medaka trying to help out or was it just to showcase how well she can manipulate Akune and Zenkichi? With her outburst in the fight and the way she lectured Akune, it all looked like manipulation to me. Also, a handicapped fight? I guess it was to show just how hard Nekomi was trying to get Akune to quit or something.

I really don't have much to say about the second didn't really feel like anything happened. The preview doesn't tell me too much about next week it a Shiranui episode? Hard to call since she's basically everywhere. I would think the last Student Council member should be introduced soon, but I didn't see her. It could just be another random episode with the characters that we already have. I'm still searching for an overarching story...oh well. We'll see.

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