Jormungand Episode 3

Back with more Koko (who is apparently loco). This week's episode breaks the episodic pattern by ending in the middle of a chase. This sort of episode had to happen eventually. The type of person Koko is, it's only natural that she would develop enemies and have assassins come after her. Although, her pursuers are pretty nuts...maybe even rivaling her own craziness. I mean, of bullets? And you firing something as noisy as an AK-47? Gimme a break. Also, not sure how I felt about that first bit with Koko and Valmet...was just kinda "uhh...okay..." throughout that whole thing. It was kinda amusing that Jonah ditched school like any other boy would. I was kinda expecting them to do a scene where he shows off true mathematical knowledge on the battlefield, but I guess that's a bit cliche.

Taking a step back, Jonah suddenly becomes a lot more talkative this week. He didn't seem it at the beginning, but after he saves Coco, he doesn't seem to have that soulless tone he normally has. Was this just a result of that laugh from last week? Or is this an adaptation thing where an arc is left out? Because it just seems so quick and out of nowhere that he's changed like this. Honestly, this whole episode made me feel like I had maybe missed something. Also, I wonder about Lehm...does he act as a sort of "de facto" leader on the battlefield? He seems to be able to orchestrate the situation without having to consult Koko in any way. Next week, it looks like this Orchestra business should finish up. It also looks like Koko is gonna mess with Chinatsu a bit before it's all done.

  • Aniplogs

    April 27, 2012, 2:37 a.m.

    I was hoping to see some action delivered by KoKo-chan but it seems that it won't probably happen unless she's left with no guards around her. I'm expecting more action on the next episode but I think it's totally one sided since It's Koko's gang against 2 assasins


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