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Well, it seems the time has come for me to step up to the plate in the Aniblog Tournament. Honestly, I've been kinda looking forward to this. Mostly because I want to see how well I can do...but also because I just love a good competition. Plus, I have extensive experience in these sorts of situations. Let's see...get picked last for sports teams...lost in the class president election in high school...hmm, maybe not.

Anyway, I felt it would be a good idea to have a post like this to keep people in the loop. Plus everyone else has been doing it, so I figure I'll just follow suit. Before I continue, I ask that you check out my opponent over at Riyoga's Ramblings and check his stuff before making a decision in this vote. Of course, I'd prefer if you chose me, but there's no reason we can't be civil. The link for the vote is above, but I'll put it here again just in case.

Now, let's continue on with me, shall we? Basically, I started this blog in a bit of a random moment, and I just kinda stuck with it. I don't give all that much thought to my writing style...just do what's natural. For the most part, I aim to be pretty lax with what I say and try to be regular with my posting. Most of my stuff is episodic coverage of airing shows, but I also write reviews and the occasional editorial. As for where to find this stuff:

  • If editorials are your things, most of mine go under the label of Life's Great Mysteries...just the name I came up with for my take on things. They're just the musings I have when I sit alone in a room in front of a computer. The protagonists one is probably my favorite. I also put a lot of work into a post about my reviewing process.
  • I also recently organized all of my reviews into a page so that they can be found more easily. A note about my reviewing style...I've been toying around with different systems, and I don't have a set style yet. You can find them here: Reviews
  • If you're bored and curious about me, I answered AceRailgun's 50 Questions as well.
  • I'm one of those guys that's just kinda around...I've written some stuff over at my friend Wanabrar's Blog. I've even appeared in a podcast with AceRailgun and Yerocha. I was a guest on the Anime Afterlife Podcast too once.
  • Final note: I solve Rubik's Cubes if you think that's cool.
So I hope you'll consider throwing a vote in for me in the tourney. It's my first time participating, and I would greatly appreciate any support.

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