Tasogare Otome x Amnesia Episode 3

The final character takes the stage in this week's episode. Kirie arrives to throw a wrench into Teiichi's relationship with Yuuko. They never really explain what happens with Teiichi and why he begins to see Yuuko the way that Kirie does. I suppose it would make sense that it was simply psychology again. Kirie made Teiichi believe that Yuuko looked like that by forcing him to doubt his original perception of Yuuko as a carefree ghost and his perception changed. If so, I really enjoy the use of psychology in this show...makes everything more interesting. Yeah yeah...I specialized in neuroscience in college, so it would be natural for me to be interested. I dunno...I like it when shows point out how much influence your brain has over you.

Kirie's also an interesting case. Based on what I got from the episode, she can see (?) Yuuko. Possibly she can't hear Yuuko...not sure. I don't even know if her perception changed like Teiichi's did. Although, she did bring up that bit about the "evil spirit" that she saw...a second one that seems to not be Yuuko. I'm sure that will come into play later. Also, that stuff with Yuuko's body and the broken leg. I think that the memory of Yuuko's death involved being trapped in that basement or something? Possibly the leg was to keep her there? Also, the shrine may indicate that a charm was made to force her spirit not to pass on to the next world. Oh the speculation...still not seeing the horror, but I'm seeing the mystery. The team is assembled, so I look forward to seeing where the show goes next week.

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