Space Brothers Episode 4

More interviews this week. With this, the second exam is over. I'm not sure how many people will advance to the third exam, but the numbers are dwindling. Serika and Kenji look like they're in, but as usual, Mutta's looking a bit shaky. It's kind of a weird thing for me to analyze. On the one hand, he doesn't look all that solid and a lot of good things are happening to him, which would be cause for disappointment. But still...the show's about him, so I don't know what to say. I can't discount the possibility that he fails and finds another avenue to his goal.

Now we have Mutta heading over to Houston to meet with his brother. I wasn't quite expecting this, so I'm curious to see how it affects his path. But that should become more clear next week. It also looks like the dog that Mutta's got in the opening will be making an entrance as well. I still enjoy this's so comical, but still driven towards a destination. Final note: Kenji is such a good bro...always got Mutta's back.

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