Accel World Episode 3

This week's episode gives us some more explanation. Mostly about Kuroyukihime being a level 9 character that betrayed the other kings and attempted to reach level 10. Now her identity is blown and she needs Haru's help to find the person who knows. But is this it? Is that all of her secret? It seems too early for her secret to be fully revealed. We also have that bit with Chiyu...when she's talking with Haru, you can't help but feel sorry for her. Haru's kind of a jerk to her even though she really doesn't have to be so nice to him. But still...that backdoor that Haru finds at the end of the episode and the scene from the opening sequence with the disappearing friends around her. They make her very suspicious.

Still, I'd like to propose an alternate theory. It's not very likely because of the opening sequence, but what if Taku is the one that found Kuroyukihime? In the subtitles, she references the pursuer with "she", but how does she know the gender of the opponent? Did the program tell her? If not, then it could possibly be Taku. A character like him...very suspicious to me. And it's possible he put the backdoor in Chiyu's Neuro Linker to keep track of her or something. I may be over-speculating, but Chiyu just seems off to me as an enemy. That being said, I imagine Chiyu and Taku both will either already be Burst Linkers or become Burst Linkers. Either way, we should find out who the culprit is next the looks of the preview, Haru will only gain suspicion from this backdoor and will still have to join the battle with Kuroyukihime to find out for sure.

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