Tsuritama Episode 2

Back with more fishing. Introducing a few more characters this week. On the minor front, we have Natsuki's little sister Sakura, who I assume will be used against him later. Also, Haru's little sister...quite a bit more pushy than Haru, but with the same mind control water gun. Then finally, Akira Agarkar Yamada, the fourth member of the group. Yuki also manages to get over his shyness enough to talk to Natsuki and ask for his helping learning how to fish. I'm glad...that face Yuki makes when he's nervous bugs me...

It was an interesting moment for me. We've been in Yuki's head the whole time that I didn't even realize that he has never spoken to Natsuki. I never considered how Natsuki must view him until he pointed it out. Anyway, we also get to see the mind control gun in action...as Haru uses it on Natsuki while Yuki watches. Yuki also gets Haru to stop using his gun...oh well, Haru's gonna have to convince him the old fashioned way from now on. Next week, I'm guessing it's a closer look at our new character Akira as he join in. Is he some sorta MIB-type character? Haru seems frightened of him. Should be interesting. This show is still pretty goofy. But I wonder why Yuki's so special...Natsuki's the Fishing Prince, after all.

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