Medaka Box Episode 3

This week's episode focuses a tad bit more on Zenkichi, who has been checking up on the various clubs at the school. The show seems to be taking a half-episode approach...with each episode having two stories. But they're not happening just happens, then the next one starts. Are the arcs really that short? I guess it lets them fit more stuff into each episode, but it just seems like everything happens quickly. Anyway, we're introduced to the next member of the student council, Akune Kouki, a member of the Judo Club that has actually know Medaka and Zenkichi for quite some time. Unlike Zenkichi, Akune is obsessed with Medaka, hating Zenkichi because he's always the one following her around. Yeah yeah...he's not a member of the student council quite yet, but the preview and the opening show him sporting that student council uniform, so it's gonna happen next week.

Speaking of next week, logic would suggest that Zenkichi wins the judo challenge that was issued at the end of this week's episode...still, there's always that possibility that Akune is able to best him (it would seem pretty uncharacteristic of the genre, though). I'm still loving Medaka's ability to just randomly show up in a situation...and the show is still entertaining me. I'm curious about this genre shift, though >.> I don't even know what this first part counts as...assembling the team, maybe? Going back to the mini arcs that the show has adopted. I wonder if it is intentional, but the first part with Kanoya felt like it was swallowed up by Akune's part. When they introduced Akune, my mind thought "he's a main character" and just disregarded the first half of the episode. I feel like that might be a problem. Well...maybe they'll change things up now that they're actually adding on new members. Look forward to watching.

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