Tasogare Otome x Amnesia Episode 2

This week's episode backtracks the story to the first chapter of the manga. First off, it shows how Teiichi meets Yuuko, then introduces Momoe. I remember when I first read the manga, I was expecting something really dark and horror-esque, but then Teiichi finds Yuuko's body and she just gets embarrassed. I kinda went "...eh?" No idea why this show has a "horror" label...it's mostly comedy. I think it's really entertaining, though...although they could dial it down with the boob grabs (yeesh...). I still wonder about Teiichi being able to see Yuuko. My first instinct is the mirror that he broke, but I can't imagine that he was the only who looked into that mirror. If it is the mirror, he's broken it, so no one else can see Yuuko. Better hope he finds out how to save her...no one else will if that's the case.

An interesting thing they do in this episode is the psychology of Momoe's troubles. I thought it was cool that they brought up how the circumstances of her "ritual" affected her perception of reality. Yuuko pretending to be a demon and chasing after her was just amusing...The ending song to the show...well, I liked it a lot. It sounded really dramatic and had a really cool intro. It even fit with the style of the show. I feel like the opening tries too hard to do the "creepy" style tune, while the ending just seems like it works. Still one more character to introduce...will she appear next week? We've passed through the point where I stopped reading the manga, so I'm completely in the dark now. Still, I look forward to it.

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