Fate/Zero Episode 15

The battle rages on to its inevitable conclusion this week. It looked like Berserker was able to destroy Gilgamesh's weird flying ship, but he ended up getting double-teamed by Lancer and Gilgamesh. Lancer was pretty cool this week...he sacrifices his lance to help Saber (I was kinda expecting him to kill himself...didn't realize destroying the lance would work). He also just teleported to Berserker and took him out in a matter of seconds (something Gilgamesh failed to do). Excalibur also comes out in all of its shining glory (were the light particles everywhere really necessary?).

The days for Berserker and Kariya are looking pretty numbered. Although Kirei did something to Kariya...did he heal him? I wouldn't be surprised if Kariya weakens Tokiomi enough for Kirei to finish him. Without his lance, Lancer's days are looking numbered too. In fact, the preview suggests that he may go down next week. We'll have to see. Finally Caster went down...was getting tired of him and his giant tentacle monster. I also like Kiritsugu's role as the man with the plan...makes him seem so much more epic.

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