Sankarea Episode 2

So this week's episode is a closer look into Rea's life. We see that her father is just a little bit excessively obsessive when it comes to Rea, to the point of manipulating her life to keep her from getting close to any person or animal. It explains why someone like Rea would even remotely be interested in Chihiro. Normally, you might ask why Chihiro's so special, but it's obvious with Rea. She's never been allowed to have a true friend, so meeting this person that she can secretly befriend would be a gold mine for her. That is, of course, until her father finds out.

Although she drinks the poisoned potion, I doubt it will kill her judging by the preview. It looks like next week, she'll have another confrontation with her father which will likely turn violent and result in her death and subsequent rebirth. Honestly, I think this show is good...I want to like the show, but I just can't get over Chihiro's crazy zombie fetish. It's the one dent in what I would otherwise call an enjoyable show. Maybe I'll get used to it...we'll have to see. Also, I was surprised Chihiro didn't shout "It's alive!!" when Babu came back...seems like a pretty standard reaction to bringing something to life.

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