Sakamichi no Apollon Episode 1

Bromance mode engage. This show's about Nishimi Kaoru, who transfers into a new school and has trouble with other people. He also doesn't have the best outlook on life. He meets Kawabuchi Sentaro, a more carefree guy who is commonly feared by the other students as a delinquent. But this guy turns out to be a big fan of jazz and introduces Kaoru to it as well. Throw in Mukae Ritsuko, a childhood friend of Sentaro and the class rep. I'd say that this episode was a pretty good start. I have no idea where this is going, but shows about music are typically cool with me. Kinda looks like the three main characters will start a band or something.

There was also that kid who really likes radios...maybe he'll be broadcasting them. The opening theme sounded really good, but the voice was kind of annoying to me. If you don't mind it, it's a great song. The ending is also pretty good. The background music in the show was kinda weird, though. Why did it sound so creepy? I get that the mood was serious, but why does it sound like demons are gonna fly out of Kaoru's chest? I'm definitely intrigued by this show...curious about where it will go. Let's hope the bromance doesn't get too intense (coughNo. 6).

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