Zetman Episode 2

Time skip engage. Quite a few years have passed since the first episode and Jin and Kouga look to be in their late teens. They still both have their sense of justice, though. It looks to me so far that Kouga seems to have taken the role of Batman, in that he is a normal human who uses his wealth to fight crime. Jin, on the other hand, is the standard super hero with the innate powers and the transformation sequence. Kouga looks to have a suit too...I wonder if he'll become like Jin or if he'll just stay as he is, but start wearing the suit.

The show brought up an interesting moral issue this week. Jin and Kouga try to save a family from a burning building and run into a disagreement. Jin tries to save the whole family at the risk of losing all of them, while Kouga tries to sacrifice the mother to ensure the safety of the other three. It begs the question: which of them is right? Should you gamble to save more lives or try to ensure as many saved lives as possible? Moral dilemmas aside, there are still a lot of questions. Why is Jin special? Is he some sort of Player/human hybrid? Why did he go into cardiac arrest after his fight? Jin seemed almost like Alucard this week, letting himself get hit before unleashing his true power. Also, the ending theme is played for the first time this week. It's an okay song, but it seems a bit too weak. Next week, it looks like Jin has to get himself out of quite the predicament. Maybe we'll learn more about him and the grandfather's motives.

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