Space Brothers Episode 2

With this week's episode the astronaut exam begins. As Mutta notes, only two or three people will be making it out, and this week, the show introduces the three most likely candidates. I thought that the way they decided to introduce them was really cool, using the interview. We all know how stressful an interview situation can be, and throwing something like a loose screw into it can make it even more nerve-wracking. Three people get chosen to be astronauts and only three people notice the screw?

That can't be coincidence. While it's possible that one of those three will be cut to add to the plot, it's highly likely that Mutta and the new characters, Makabe Kenji and Itou Serika, will end up making it. With each episode, I keep liking Mutta's character more and more. The whole idea of automatically choosing the hardest option is something that you don't really see in a character, but it's a mentality that I've always had. That being said, I sure hope I don't burn out in the future in the way Mutta did...

We don't learn all that much about the new characters this week, but it looks to me like the personalities of the main three are fairly balanced. Serika seems fairly carefree and polite, Kenji seems very confident, and Mutta is...panicky and tense. Should be interesting. I've heard that the series will end up only being 12 episodes and that 50 episode or whatever thing was just a mistake. If it really is 12 episodes, I'd say the pacing seems just about right. If it's 50, then it feels like stuff is happening really fast. Either way, I'm looking forward to the next episode. We might learn more about this Itou Serika person....

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