Fate/Zero Episode 14

After a long wait, Fate/Zero is finally back! Just a reminder of what was going on, everyone was facing off against Caster in his demonic form. Still, Berserker steals the show, though, with his incredibly epic dogfight against Gilgamesh (still the show's most annoying pretty boy). When Berserker intercepted the jet, my mind thought "why would Berserker be helping Caster?", then I immediately remembered Berserker's ability to turn anything into his Noble Phantasm...it was so awesome.

I thought Tokiomi's conversation with Kariya was interesting too. Kinda randomly stopped the action to throw it in. Wonder if Kariya will kill Tokiomi or if he'll die trying and weaken him enough for Kirei to finish it (I think he was there too in the shadows). I was also annoyed at how Saber and Rider together couldn't beat Caster, but then they reminded me about the thing with Saber's arm from her fight with Lancer. Kiritsugu stays the boss that he is, randomly shooting Ryuunosuke from the sidelines. The action is back...hopefully it sticks around.

I had heard the opening song quite a few times before the show started because someone uploaded it after it was played on a radio station. I thought it was awesome then and my opinion still hasn't changed. It just has a way of sounding so dramatic while still not sounding overbearing. The ending theme sounds good too, but it doesn't quite have the same impact. Next week, will we finally have the death of our first Servant? The first Master finally died, after all...As long as they don't combine all of their Noble Phantasms into a Megazord, we should be fine.

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