Zetman First Impressions

So I don't know what to make of this show. Basically, the show starts off by introducing Jin Kanzaki, a homeless kid who awakens to a strange power that he must use to fight monsters known as Players. I find it a bit strange that they choose to introduce this main character Jin who seems to have no knowledge of common emotions or human mannerisms. The concept of Players was interesting, monsters that were originally watched for sport suddenly becoming sentient and turning against humans. The story seems to be introduced as a simple battle-style show. I wonder what direction they plan to go. I hope it isn't a bunch of episodic fights against stronger and stronger enemies.

It looks like there will be a time skip, as the preview shows and older Jin and Ryouga. The ending theme, which I'm assuming will be the opening theme from here on, sounded pretty nice. Kinda like something you can groove to...nothing too flashy for a show like this. The rest of the background music sounded appropriate, but strangely familiar. The battles in the show looked pretty cool, though. I was actually thinking that next week's episode would look closer at a child Kouga, but it looks like they'll just skip to the future. Maybe they'll show Kouga's daily life and then Jin will burst in unexpectedly in a battle. I wonder how this show will turn out...Still, I'm intrigued, so I'll probably keep watching.

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