Inu x Boku SS Final Episode

This week's episode starts off with a boy showing up at Ayakashi Kan to see his father. The boy realizes that the passage of demon blood is similar to reincarnation, so Zange proposes a time capsule to send a message to his father in his next life. The other tenants join in as well, each submitting their own letters. Ririchiyo joins in as well, thinking about the bonds she has made. The boy turns out to be the son of the bartender (I'm sure he's been introduced before, but I just didn't notice). Ririchiyo accidentally puts the wrong letter in the time capsule, giving the true time capsule letter to Soushi with a gift. She tries to stop him from reading it, but is too late. When Soushi calls later, she tries to play off the letter, and Soushi responds with his typical self-deprecating style. Ririchiyo realizes how Soushi truly feels and decides she wants to help him. The two confess to each other.

What a nice and refreshing ending. This episode was great as always...hilarious at some points and touching at other points. Like Ririchiyo's plans for when Soushi called had me laughing like crazy (go go plan 3!!). I thought the part about wanting to have a child was a little random, but it was still okay. I'm glad they chose to have an ending where Ririchiyo and Soushi are together, rather than one of those ambiguous endings where they know their feelings for each other or something. It has definitely been fun to blog this show. It's too bad it has to be over...Oh well. The way it ended, I don't see much potential for other seasons, but it looks like the manga goes further, so I'll probably immerse myself in that. I'll also review the whole show later.

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