Another Episode 11

So Teshigawara pushed Kazami off a balcony thinking that he was the dead student, but soon finds out that he was wrong. Koiuchi, Mei, and Teshigawara go to see if Kazami is still alive, but Kouichi is interrupted by a stabbed Maejima. Kouichi finds the dining hall ablaze and the manager dead. Yuuya reveals that Kazami is alive, and everyone goes around to find him as well as evacuate everyone. Yuuya and Teshigawara try to find Mikami, but instead find the manager's wife with a cleaver.

Takako also attacks Mei, but Kouichi saves her. However, Takako then plays the tape on the intercom and identifies Mei as the dead student. The students try to kill Mei, but Mikami takes the hit. Kouichi tries to help Mei escape, and several students die in their attempt to kill Mei. The episode ends with Mei running off to kill the extra and stop the deaths.

A witch hunt for Mei. I think this is a good direction for the show for several reasons. First off, it calls into play the sort of desperate mass hysteria that is intrinsic to humans. And not only that, each time a student dies trying to kill Mei, she looks more and more suspicious, as the curse is almost seeming to protect her. Also, it used Mei's sister for suspicion...I thought that was pretty interesting. When Mei said that thing about killing the dead person to stop the other deaths, I was almost afraid that she would stab herself, but it doesn't look like it will happen.

At this point, our list of suspects has basically been exhausted. It can't be Akazawa, as she was right in front of Mei when she had her revelation. It can't be Teshigawara because I can't feel it being him after he tried to kill Kazami. Also can't be Kazami since he's been basically AWOL the entire series. Next week, it looks like Kouichi will maybe try to defend the true culprit from Mei. I'm guessing some conflict of morals and whatnot will take place. At the moment, I don't foresee either Mei or Kouichi dying...or maybe that's just a desperate hope?

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