Nisemonogatari Final Episode

So apparently, Tsukihi is a Dying Bird, some kind of cuckoo that plants itself into a human womb to be reborn. Koyomi goes to talk with Tsukihi, confirming to himself that she is his sister. He then leaves Tsukihi with Karen and goes to face Kagenui and Ononoki. He also allows Shinobu to drink his blood and regain some of her powers.

Before Koyomi fights with Kagenui, she reveals that she, Oshino, and Kaiki were former classmates and that Kaiki told her about Tsukihi. Koyomi gets beaten up by Kagenui, but Ononoki gets beaten easily by Shinobu. Koyomi refuses to give up, though. He starts to argue morals with Kagenui, and she admits defeat.

Well, the ending was kinda random, but I can live with it. Apparently, Hitagi's haircut only shows up to end everything...I'd forgotten about that. Koyomi's evil laugh at the beginning of the episode when he kissed Tsukihi was kinda O.o. Kaiki's influence returns in this arc...I knew he couldn't just disappear. He had to be involved somehow. Most of the stuff in this episode was predictable (exceptions include kissing his sister, etc.). The battle scene may have been a bit excessively violent. And by that, I mean too much mutilation of Koyomi...oh well, maybe it's karma for all the incest undertones in the series. I would have been angry if Shinobu hadn't beaten Ononoki easily. Interestingly, Kagenui mentions a fourth person in their university group...I wonder if that person will become important in a sequel series or something. It's been fun to blog on this show, and I will review it as a whole eventually. Definitely a hilarious show...maybe it bit too much at times.

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