Black Rock Shooter Episode 7

After the events of last week, Saya can no longer interface with Black Gold Saw. Yuu decides to go into the other world herself to talk with Mato. Yuu tries to get Mato to free herself by rejecting Black Rock Shooter as herself. Before Yuu can convince Mato, Strength starts to talk, revealing that she is the true Yuu and Strength is the one in the real world.

Meanwhile, Mato is revealed to be missing at school, and Yomi finds herself running to find her. Strength tells Mato the story of her and Yuu, how Yuu's pain was so much that she gave Strength the ability to feel emotion. Yuu started to believe that the other world was an easier life, so she switched with Strength. Meanwhile, Yomi completely remembers Mato and Dead Master starts to come back to life in the other world.

Interesting. It's almost looking like Yomi might be the one that has to help Mato or something. Like overcoming the memory loss to save her...something to that effect. Who knows? Maybe Kagari will even join in. I'd say stuff is starting to make more sense and the show seems to be getting better. I was afraid Mato might yell out "You're not me" and Black Rock Shooter would change into a Shadow or something, but that doesn't seem to be the case. I was definitely curious what they would do about the other girls when their memories went away. It would have been stupid to just resolve their arc and let them be normal girls that didn't affect the rest of the story. Good to see they brought them back. Especially with how important Yomi was in the OVA...would have been weird for her to just be "another girl with problems." Anyways, next week is the big finish, so let's hope it goes out with a bang.

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