Inu x Boku SS Episode 10

So Kagerou's entrance throws off the coffee date for Soushi and Ririchiyo. Kagerou also mentions that he has something important to discuss with Ririchiyo and picks her up from school. Ririchiyo goes to apologize to Soushi and manages to catch him in normal clothes. Ririchiyo realizes that Soushi is acting strange and runs away, but finally realizes that she loves him. The next day, Soushi goes to Kagerou to beg him not to tell Ririchiyo his secret. When Kagerou refuses, Soushi attacks him. The episode ends when Ririchiyo walks in on the two and Soushi finally begins to tell Ririchiyo his secret.

Gah...a cliffhanger! Not another one...This is gonna plague me for...a week. I thought the scene where Ririchiyo realizes how she feels was pretty cute. Also, it was weird to see Soushi with his casual clothing...never would've guessed he wore glasses. Next week, I guess we find out Soushi's big secret...wonder if it was really worth the lengths he took to hide it. Still enjoying this series...I don't even care that the demon part isn't used too often.

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