Rinne no Lagrange Episode 10

This week's episode starts off with the school festival. Lan and Muginami try to hide the details of Villagiulio's incoming attack from her while they go around and check out the festival exhibits. They even run into Asteria at the festival, and she eventually gets left alone with Madoka.

As Madoka goes around with Asteria, she starts to realize that Lan and Muginami have become part of the school, making friends other than the core three. As Madoka talks with Asteria about it, Villagiulio attacks. Despite her orders, Madoka runs off to Pharos to help. The episode ends with Vox Aura coming to life as Madoka approaches.

So...Muginami loses points for making fun of Lan when she got scared. So cruel...Anyway, I understand why Madoka would fear losing Lan and Muginami because of her background, but it makes me like her a bit less. Her joining the fight was pretty predictable. That should make things interesting. Asteria also had her moments in this episode...was pretty entertaining. With only two episodes left, I guess this has to be the final battle, so I hope it ends up looking good.

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