Nisemonogatari Episode 10

What better way to start an episode than Shinobu? Anyway, as Koyomi heads out to get Shinobu some donuts, he talks a bit with Tsukihi about Karen. Koyomi suddenly realizes something is off and...examines Tsukihi, finding that her scars have strangely healed. Later, Koyomi asks Shinobu about the two characters from last week, and Shinobu reveals that Ononoki is actually a supernatural creature. She then suggests that Koyomi ask Kaiki, who is sitting right by them.

Kaiki explains that Kagenui is an onmyouji (ghost buster) and Ononoki is her shikigami, and that the two specialize in immortal creatures. Koyomi returns home to find the two. Kagenui reveals that she hasn't come for Koyomi or Shinobu, and they attack Tsukihi. Koyomi goes into a rage, but Tsukihi then reincarnates.

Tsukihi knows!! (about the toothbrush scene, I mean). Anyways, as I predicted, Kagenui and Ononoki are not really evil, and have come for Tsukihi, who has been possessed by a phoenix. I mean...when Kaiki said that they went after immortal creatures, it was pretty obvious, since the phoenix symbolizes rebirth. They had already met Koyomi, so they couldn't have been targeting him. I'm interested in the fake sister bit. I wonder if there is a real Tsukihi still out there, or if the story will end with Koyomi accepting the phoenix as Tsukihi and allowing her to live with him. I'm guessing the latter, because then Koyomi will have to face off against Kagenui and Ononoki to protect his fake sister, and that seems to be what they've set up. Anyway, next week is the big finale, so it should be interesting. Shinobu's still the best character! :P

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