Inu x Boku SS Episode 9

The big event is coming up...Ririchiyo having coffee with Soushi. Ririchiyo is very anxious in anticipation, spending some time with Karuta after school and cleaning her room up in preparation. With so much time remaining, Ririchiyo goes to study with Karuta and Banri. When Banri gets brings up the walk rally with Ririchiyo from before, Natsume proposes another competition, a partner game.

At one point, there is an event where the players answer questions about their partners, which Ririchiyo fears because she doesn't know much about Soushi. However, Soushi starts to rant about Ririchiyo and her turn never arrives. The episode ends with the return of...Kagerou!

Did anyone else notice that Ririchiyo's ringtone for Karuta is Karuta's ending theme from her episode? Also, I haven't really mentioned the endings from before, but Soushi's ending really suits him. It's nice and chill, and the scenes seem to fit alright with rhythm (not sure about lyrics, though). Natsume and Sorinozuka's antics in front of the paper sign were pretty hilarious. I'm really enjoying this series a lot. Kagerou has week's episode is guaranteed to be interesting. I can't wait. It's so hard to pick screenshots every week for this. The only show where I have this problem...Also, whatever happened with the coffee? Has Kagerou's grand entrance interfered with it? Is the climax of this series going to be that cup of coffee? O.o

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