Nisemonogatari Episode 9

After of last week, Koyomi takes Karen to meet with Kanbaru. However, on the way there, enter a new character. She introduces herself as Kagenui Yodzuru, and asks where to find Eikou Cram School. Koyomi calls Tsubasa to ask, and the place turns out to be where Oshino used to stay. Koyomi tells Kagenui this and she heads off, but not before telling Koyomi of another who will ask him the same question.

Koyomi then takes Karen to see Kanbaru and head back. On the way back, Koyomi runs into Mayoi and tries to surprise her as usual, but is interrupted by Shinobu. Their conversation is interrupted by a strange girl named Ononoki Yotsugi who asks him about the cram school.

What the heck? Everyone's cutting their hair? Tsubasa knowing about Kanbaru and Koyomi's reaction were pretty hilarious (she knows!). Two more episodes and Tsukihi's story hasn't really started. I guess Kagenui and Ononoki were introduced. It's interesting that the two seem to know the supernatural natures of the characters they've met. I wonder if they're actually evil. It's highly possible Tsukihi has a situation similar to Tsubasa and Koyomi will have to rely on the help of those two. But we'll see soon enough. Probably next week...they can't hope to complete everything in one episode.

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