Inu x Boku SS Episode 8

This week's episode starts off with Ririchiyo wondering about the difference between her relationship with Soushi and the relationships of the other tenants of Ayakashi Kan. She realizes she doesn't really know much about Soushi and endeavors to find out more.

Realizing she's never eaten with Soushi, she tries to make coffee for him. While she makes the coffee without incident, she doesn't know how to invite him to have some. After multiple failed attempts, Ririchiyo is finally able to pull it off.

This show is so funny. Soushi's observation of Ririchiyo is of epic proportions ("you added 1.5 grams more sugar in your tea"...classic). I thought this episode would have some action, but it turned out to be an amusing episode devoted to Ririchiyo asking Soushi to drink coffee with her. A lot of classic tsundere lines too (all that was missing was "baka!"). We caught of glimpse of Soushi's big secret. Some sort of bad relationship with a former client (or maybe it was just too good O.o). Next week looks to be another zany episode (courtesy of Natsume). Should be entertaining! We're getting pretty close to the end of the season and there doesn't seem to be any plot there ever going to be any?

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