Chihayafuru Episode 21

This week's episode starts off with Chihaya striving to play like Arata did. Taichi also tries to improve by reading the cards all from memory (so epic). The day of the Eastern Qualifiers arrives. Chihaya's first opponent ends up being a child prodigy named Ririka. Ririka takes an early lead with her speed, but Chihaya starts to come back by matching the reader's timing. Harada decides to let Chihaya use her speed again, and she starts to out-speed Ririka, eventually winning the game.

So I'm confused. Taichi refused to be Class A before, but he told Arata that he aims to be the East Master Qualifier. Does he mean later on or has he joined the competition in a way I didn't notice? Don't get me wrong. I want to see him go up against Arata, but it needs to make sense! He's definitely still my favorite character...that memory is ridiculous. Anyways, this episode seems like a fairly standard "Chihaya is evolving" episode. We're nearing the end, so epic face-offs are sure to come.

  • Yerocha

    Feb. 29, 2012, 8:28 p.m.

    I wasn't sure what Taichi meant, since for some reason I assumed he took the Class A position already. It looks like he's stepping up to the plate, which is great, but I hope the next episode elaborates on things a little more.


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