Rinne no Lagrange Episode 8

This week's episode starts off with the expected arrival of the chairman of Novumundu, but instead, his great-granddaughter comes in his place. She introduces herself as Asteria Lizamarie De Roschefall, and seems to know Lan. After an awkward report, Lan tells Muginami and Madoka about the Vox Legend. Basically, another civilization existed on Earth 20,000 years prior, and Muginami and Lan are descendants of that civilization. Their ancestors fled Earth when the Vox weapons went out of control.

Meanwhile, Asteria discusses the Vox weapons with Youko and concludes that Madoka should be banned from piloting Vox Aura. In protest, Muginami and Lan lock themselves in with Vox Aura until the decision is reversed, and Madoka and Asteria go in to talk with them. Madoka ends up accepting her grounding and she convinces Lan and Muginami to accept it as well.

Well, everyone seems to be getting along nicely. Finally we hear the story of the infamous Vox weapons. I was expecting something to that effect, but we still don't have enough information. I wouldn't be surprised if the Vox weapons weren't the cause of calamity, but saved the Earth from complete destruction. I'm definitely suspecting that Madoka, Lan, and Muginami are somehow descended directly from the original pilots.

We find out the source of Lan's greeting! She was so embarrassed, but I sure hope she doesn't just drop it...I liked that greeting. She's too cute. Also, Moid is having secret meetings...so evil. Asteria seems like an interesting character. She doesn't really seem evil, but she's got a plan, and who knows where that will go. Next week looks like school festival time. Maybe a super-secret infiltration mission from our alien brothers (aside from the maid thing)?

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