Nisemonogatari Episode 8

This week's episode starts off with a bit of recovery from the last arc, with Karen showing up in a cute outfit (and Koyomi's hilarious reaction). Karen asks Koyomi if he will introduce her to Kanbaru. Koyomi agrees, but first issues a challenge as a requirement. Koyomi ends up brushing her teeth (ehh?), but gets interrupted by Tsukihi. Nonetheless, Koyomi still loses the challenge.

So...what did I just watch? What did Koyomi just do to Karen? Let's just pretend that never happened...what? It was half the episode? Oh...Well, this show is definitely pushing the fanservice. Oh well, it's a funny way to start the new arc. The OP for this arc was definitely nice. I don't usually like the super-happy style of music (like PapaKiki's theme), but this one really worked. The actual visuals of the OP were great as well...maybe even better than the song was. I wonder how many episodes before the story of Tsukihi's arc starts. Maybe it'll be next episode.

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