Guilty Crown Episode 18

This week starts off with Gai showing much more control over the Void Genome, drawing and fusing three Voids and then sending it kamikaze-style to destroy a bomber. Daryl refuses to protect Gai as ordered and goes into traitor mode to protect Tsugumi. Gai broadcasts to the world that there are 256 Leukocytes orbiting around the world under his control.

Arisa's grandfather tries to kill her before she is used by Gai, but she shoots him for he can. Inori's blackouts start to make her fear that she will kill Shu, and Mana within her tries to take advantage of this. She ends using some weird power to fight against the Endlaves after her to protect Shu, but she is captured by Gai.

Okay...what the heck just happened? I mean, Samurai Old Guy was pretty epic, but the rest of it was a bit out there. Gai having a bunch of Leukocytes was pretty Code Geass, but I have no idea about that stuff with Inori. It still looks like they're only resurrecting Gai (I'm going with "Mana never died"). I'm not sure what's up with him, but I'm expecting a "Shu, please save me" line from him some time in the future. Now that Inori has been captured, I wonder if we'll finally figure out what she's been bugging me for a while. I find it weird that they didn't talk about Shu in this episode. He suddenly went power-hungry and immediately lost his powers, then they just ignore him for an episode.

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