Black Rock Shooter Episode 4

This week's episode starts off with Kagari joining Mato's class. She is instantly popular, which actually isolates Yomi even more. Also, after the big freakout from last week, Kohata seems fine. Yomi starts to take her anger out on Kagari, mostly because she no longer needs Yomi. Meanwhile, it seems that Kohata has completely forgotten the boy she confessed to.

Yuu tries to talk with Yomi and befriend her, but Yomi can't get past her jealousy. Yomi tries to cling to Kagari, but she has forgotten most of the stuff from before and wants to distance herself from Yomi. In the alternate world, Yomi goes berserk and prepares to fight against Black Rock Shooter as the episode ends.

Well, that was certainly eventful. I'm still wondering about the whole "cutting of the head" deal with Kagari and Kohata. On the surface, they look like they're fine, but it just doesn't feel complete with how Black Rock Shooter handles it. It feels like there should be unresolved conflict with them. I hope the amnesia bit isn't just a cheap way to wrap up their stories quickly, because that would be boring. It was pretty clear that Yomi was going down the road to crazy last week and this episode, she finally snaps. I'm guessing they'll resolve everything for her next week because of how little time the show actually has. Can you believe we're halfway through already? Anyway, I'm not sure what else to say about this episode. Isn't there another character in the alternate world they need to introduce? Maybe I'm mistaken...time's running low, though.

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