Senki Zesshou Symphogear Episode 7

The battle from last week continues. Hibiki continues with her friendship approach, but Chris uses a different relic called Ichii-Bal. Hibiki is defended by Tsubasa, who arrives on the scene. They are attacked by Noise during the battle, and Hibiki takes an attack for Chris. We are introduced to Fine, the blond woman from before, who ends up rejecting Chris.

With the battle over, Miku gets angry at Hibiki for keeping everything from her. Meanwhile, Chris finds a couple of kids who have been separated from their father and reunites them. Miku tells Hibiki that the two can no longer be friends. The episode ends with Fine completing Kadingil and preparing to kill Chris.

I feel like a lot of these things are things I've seen before. Tsubasa accepted Kanade's death, so she's able to fight without reserve and gets stronger. Hibiki took the attack for Chris and Chris was rejected by the bad guys, so she will join up with everyone. More than likely, Chris will get stronger and then the bad guys will convince her to help them again, but she'll be brought back by Hibiki. The stuff Ryouko was saying about the Symphogear was kinda cool, though. I swear I'm watching Power Rangers in anime form >.> I expect Chris to join the good guys next week...she seems to be on her way.

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