Persona 4 Episode 19

The school festival has arrived! Chie, Yukiko, Rise, and Naoto all find themselves signed up for the beauty pageant by Yosuke (well played, sir). Yu ends up practicing with the soccer club and accidentally hits Ayane Matsunaga with the ball. The boys then find themselves signed up for the crossdressing pageant by Chie.

The day of the festival, Yu ends up spending a lot of the time with Ayane before Ebihara grabs him. The pageants start, with Kuma winning the crossdressing one. As for the actual beauty pageant, Naoto ends up taking the victory with her shyness. Yu ends up comforting Rise, who is more disturbed at her loss than she expected.

Another goofy episode. It was pretty entertaining. There was a lot of focus on Rise this week, going along with their pattern of looking closer at the main characters. If I remember correctly, the girls didn't wear swimsuits in the game, so it was pretty funny to watch them, especially Naoto's feminine side. Also, Kuma takes a more active role with the girls' pageant than he does in this anime rendition.

Margaret makes an appearance as a fortuneteller. Not quite social link material, but still amusing. Next week's episode looks to once again be a filler/social link episode, but I think it should be either the last one or very close to it. Once it's over, it's gonna be nonstop conflict to the end, I think. So much plot left to cover.

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