Rinne no Lagrange Episode 6

After the events of last week, Lan and Madoka head out to confront Villagiulio. While everyone prepares for battle, Lan tells Madoka a bit about Villagiulio. Meanwhile, Moid goes to the restaurant for Muginami. Madoka and Lan move out to attack, but run into an epic number of enemy Ovids. Moid talks with Muginami, convincing her to fly out in Vox Ignis.

Villagiulio fires a giant laser at Muginami, but Lan is able to redirect the shot. Strangely, Muginami transforms Vox Ignis and stops Madoka from attack Villagiulio. Muginami then yells at Madoka, and she unlocks some strange power that Moid calls Rin-Ne, knocking all of the Ovids out of the sky.

Madoka gets a sword! I have to admit...that's pretty cool. Finally we see a decent battle (in my standards, at least). Anyways, with the way Lan reacted, I almost wonder if Madoka triggered something linked with the terrible fate or whatever that Lan feared from the Vox weapons. Moid clearly has some sort of agenda...I swear he and Ryouko from Symphogear are the same exact person. I can see both of them having the same motives and everything. Anyways, Muginami is still an enemy for now (no idea why...that's serious devotion). Next week looks like a trip down memory lane, so it should be fun. Background information is always nice.

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