Senki Zesshou Symphogear Episode 6

So this week's episode starts off with more time with Chris, who is jealous of Hibiki's power. Meanwhile, Genjurou talks about how the minister's death last week benefit HQ, allowing them to upgrade their defenses. Hibiki goes to visit Tsubasa, who is suddenly not as cold towards her. Miku also sees the two of them talking together.

Tsubasa asks Hibiki why she fights, and she responds that she just wants to help people, and part of it comes from Kanade's death. Chris attacks a park and Miku is almost caught up in it, but Hibiki defends her, revealing her Symphogear armor to Miku. Rather than fight, Hibiki tries to talk to Chris, but she refuses to listen. Hibiki then beats the crap out of Chris.

So I guess because Hibiki can't materialize a weapon, she's going to just use her fists from now on. It's kind of boring, but if that's how it is, that's how it is. Tsubasa seems to have dispelled all hate for Hibiki, so I guess she accepted Kanade's death last week. It's a bit sudden for my taste and almost unprecedented, but I guess I can roll with it. It was inevitable that she would break out of that cold attitude eventually.

Looks like Miku is getting roped into all of this now. Her role just got a bit more important now that she's discovered the big secret. Also, Hibiki's reasons for fighting seem standard for this type of show. Honestly, that conversation seemed a bit repetitive to me, with Hibiki just going on about helping people, but it works. Next week, Miku will be filled in and I wonder if Tsubasa will be able to fight again.

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