Persona 4 Episode 18

This week's episode starts off with a bit of background on Dojima and Nanako. A hit-and-run incident brings back memories of the death of Nanako's mother. Nanako starts to wonder about Dojima as he seems to care about his work more than her. Yu talks to Dojima about Chisato (his wife), and asks Naoto to look into her death.

Dojima ends up telling Nanako that he doesn't have the time to go to her school's parent observation event, which leads her to finally tell him how she feels. She then rejects him as her real father and runs away. Yu and Dojima go to search for her, finally finding her at the place where her mother died. Dojima talks with Nanako and the two make up.

So the preview last week made it sound like this week's episode was something different (with the reference to Heaven and a certain line). Still, this week's was pretty good, finishing up Nanako and Dojima's social links. The episode I was referencing looks to be a few episodes down the line. It's starting to look like time is running short for the true ending, but I'm confident they will include it. The opening scene this week with Margaret was kinda her social link developing with just those little 2 minute-sessions each week? Next week looks to be the school festival, with a certain contest that Yu will have to enter. Should be fun.

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