Chihayafuru Episode 18

It's tournament day! Chihaya struggles to control her speed, but continues to use her reflexes. She starts to realize that her opponent is strategically making the game harder for her, and tries to adopt her timing for herself. However, Chihaya ends up losing. Meanwhile, the Class B finals end up being between Taichi and Nishida, and the Class D finals end up being between Kanade and Tsutomu. Chihaya takes the change to watch and learn from Kanade and Tsutomu's respective styles.

So Chihaya ends up getting owned again. However, the focus drops away from her this week as it looks more into Kanade and Tsutomu, who have been fairly ignored up until this point. Although Tsutomu's strategy is more my style, it's lacking in that it works best against opponents he has played before. Meanwhile, Kanade's style is creative and interesting, but not something I would try for myself. The matches definitely look interesting. I could predict the outcomes of the matches, but I'm guessing by the 50-50-90 rule that I would get both wrong. It's really up in the air at this point.

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