Brave 10 Episode 5

In response to Isanami's kidnap, Yukimura sends out Ana and Sasuke. Meanwhile, Date explains that Kushi-mitama is one of four Mitamas that he plans to collect. Sasuke tries to free Isanami, but she refuses to return to Ueda, still blaming herself for Saizou's injuries. Ana ends up freeing Isanami, lecturing her for her behavior.

Yuri ends up joining Yukimura out of respect while Saizou remains distant to Isanami. Sasuke berates Saizou for not accepting his weakness, trying to convince him to fight for someone else. With everyone back to normal, Rokurou extracts the events from the underground chamber from Saizou's memory with his eye.

Well, that was underwhelming. That big capture of Isanami and then Sasuke and Ana just go and get her back in half an episode? What was the point? I guess Isanami and Saizou both get lectured in this episode and that's supposed to be part of their character development or something. We'll see next week whether it had any effect. I wonder if Date will try to fight Yukimura or something...that would be something to see.

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