Rinne no Lagrange Episode 5

This week's episode starts off with Lan being plagued by memories of the past. She continues to try to adjust to Muginami, but has trouble trusting her. The three girls start getting more serious in their Jersey Club activities. On the way home, Madoka catches her uncle drinking with Villagiulio, who was also in Lan's flashback. Meanwhile, Lan confronts Muginami while they're alone. Muginami reveals that she has a Memoria and that her brother wants her to steal the remaining Vox weapon.

Her brother terms out to be Villagiulio, who comes back to the restaurant with Madoka. Lan also recognizes him, telling Madoka that the two are enemies. Muginami confirms this and talks about the nice life she has had with Madoka. However, Villagiulio rejects her, chastising her for being so carefree. He then tells Lan that they must destroy all of the Vox weapons or face destruction at his hands.

Big bad has arrived and he's quite something. He told Muginami off like a boss. Honestly, she was starting to annoy me too >.> Anyways, this marks Muginami's change of alliance. She will probably join up with Madoka and Lan next week to fight together against Villagiulio to protect their base. Lan clearly knows something about this Villagiulio guy...I wonder what happened between them. I still don't like the mecha designs in this show >.> but what can I do? At least they're shiny. Also, what kind of organization name is Kiss? Oh well, we'll just have to wait and find out.

  • tsurugiarashix

    Feb. 5, 2012, 9:25 p.m.

    Little Lan = HNNG!

    I think I might be very fond of Villagiulio, turned Muginami's annoying switch off for while at least. Actually thought Madoka was going to pop her one, but Villagiulio was so boss. The mecha designs are alright in my opinion, not really terrible, but also not that good. Still wonder what possessed them to have Nissan (yes, the car manufacture) do the scheme and design.


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